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Red Devil has been ensuring Motorists in South East Queensland have kept their cool and save money on Radiators and Car Air Conditioning since 1987

Radiator Services


A car’s cooling system is designed to protect the engine from the damaging forces of excessive heat. If the cooling system is not in good repair, simple tasks such as sitting idle in peak hour traffic can cause a vehicle to overheat.

Red Devil’s radiator and cooling system specialists offer a variety of services, including flushing out of radiators and cooling systems, repairing leaks and other damage including fixing broken hoses or cracked or broken belts.

Red Devil trained and qualified technicians can check for corrosion and debris and often may spot and address potential problems, helping to prevent emergency car repairs down the road.

Red Devil technicians look after every aspect of cooling system repairs. We have experience in replacing almost any type of vehicle’s radiator including commercial, industrial, foreign and domestic. Red Devil has the equipment to handle nearly every size of radiator.


Handy tips to know


If you do get caught in heavy traffic and you notice the temperature gauge rising. Turn off the vehicle.

Once you safely have pulled off of the road, turn off the engine to let the engine cool down, and then as soon as possible have your vehicle inspected by a professional at Red Devil.

Red Devil specialists have expertise in targeting cooling system problems, which could range from a faulty electric fan to a blown radiator, faulty thermostat, broken belts, leaking water pump, hose problem, coolant loss, overheating, loss of pressure.

Cars that are older than 5 years are perfect candidates for cooling system problems. These problems can strike when least expected.



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