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Windscreen maintenance tips you should know

Routine maintenance of your car’s windscreen is one of the most neglected aspects of car care. Just a little maintenance now and then could help prevent major mishaps with your windshield and save you from spending lots of money. Let’s look at five best practices for windscreen maintenance that will help keep you safe and keep your car in good shape.

1) Replace your windscreen wipers regularly

Over time, your windshield wipers will wear out and become ineffective. Your wiper blades will have tiny cracks in between and the rubber will start to separate from the blade. This means that every time you run your windscreen wipers, you’re scraping metal against your windscreen. This can cause deep scratches in your windscreen. It is recommended that you replace your wipers at least every two years. Not only will this increase your visibility when it rains, but it’ll also prevent unnecessary scratches.

2) Be careful where you park your car

If you can, avoid parking your car under trees and in direct sunlight. Aside from the obvious reason of potential bird poo, falling tree branches can cause serious damage to your windshield. Additionally, UV rays from the sun damage your windshield over time by wearing down the tint and affecting the structural integrity of the windshield. That’s why it’s always important to put the sunshade on.

3) Don’t slam your doors

It’s easy to forget that your car is made up of quite a few fragile components. One of these components is the glass, which is why it’s important not to slam your doors as it could cause it to crack or break. If you already have a minor chip in your windscreen, slamming your door shut hard will cause it to expand and turn into a full-blown crack.

4) Be proactive with repairs

Speaking of windscreen chips, it’s always best to get these fixed as soon as you can to avoid any further damage. If you notice a small scratch or chip on your windscreen, don’t wait until it’s become a full-blown crack. If you take action immediately, you’ll be able to save your windshield from potential damage.

Your windscreen is still an important safety feature of your car. Although it may seem tedious and unnecessary to take care of, you’ll be glad you did in the long run!



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