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What is coolant and why is it important

What is coolant?

Coolant is a liquid that’s primary purpose is preventing engine damage. It does this by transferring heat, preventing corrosion, and possessing anti-freeze chemicals for sub-zero temperatures. Without a functioning cooling system, some engine compartments could overheat in a matter of minutes. Engine metal can even melt if coolant isn’t kept in contact with certain places of the system.

The process of engine cooling

Engines produce a lot of heat while running, making engine cooling crucial. This works by sending coolant through passages to the engine. Here it picks up heat and makes it way to the radiator of your car. The radiator then cools the hot liquid with the air entering the engine compartment. This cooled liquid then returns to the engine and the process is repeated.

Coolant is important as water alone is not enough to cool this system. High temperatures would boil and evaporate this liquid too quickly. In cool weather, this water would freeze and result in the cooling system not working. The chemicals in coolant play a crucial role in it functioning through all temperatures without freezing or evaporating.

Coolant maintenance

If your car is running hotter than usual, it’s a good indication that your coolant level is running low. You may also be notified with a “low coolant level” light on your dashboard. If this happens, check your coolant levels, and top up as needed. Be sure to use the right coolant for your vehicle to prevent damage. Corrosion and engine damage are the primary concerns when using the wrong coolant for your vehicle.  A lot of the time, misuse of coolant is confused as radiator failure. Using the wrong coolant can sometimes take 6 to 12 months to have a negative effect, meaning issues go largely unnoticed.

Most brands will keep their coolant the same colour to prevent confusion and help you remember what brand you used. Owner’s manuals will also contain specific coolant requirements. If you are unsure what coolant to use for your vehicle, there are tools online to help you distinguish the right type for your car.

If you’re having any problems with your cooling system or radiator, contact Red Devil Radiators today. Our team of experts will identify the issue and fix the problem ASAP.




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