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What all the symbols on your car’s dashboard mean, and when to worry

With over 50 warning lights and symbols on your car’s dashboard, when should you worry when one pops up?

Thanks to the electronic system and a series of sensors, the symbols on your dashboard display and light up when your car is alerting you that something isn’t quite right.

Instead of trying to remember what each symbol on your dashboard means, remember that you can always consult your owners manual if you are worried and can’t get to a mechanic.

To try and keep it as simple as possible, car warning symbols on your car’s dashboard are generally colour coded.

Warning symbols on your Car’s Dashboard

An orange warning light

An orange warning light means that your engine management system has detected a fault and should be checked by a mechanic as soon as possible. You can consult your owners manual to determine what this light means; but it is usually safe to drive so you should continue with your journey and contact your mechanic when you’ve reached your destination.

A red warning light

A red warning light indicates a serious problem, such as an issue with the engine or breaks, and should be checked straight away! Stop the vehicle when it is safe to do so and contact your local mechanic or roadside assistance for advice. You should seek advice from a mechanic before continuing on your journey as the car may not be safe to drive or could be at risk of breaking down.

A warning light isn’t something to be ignored! Doing so could lead to a breakdown or cause expensive and extensive damage to your car. Even if a light starts flashing intermittently when you’re out on the road, pull over and assess what it could be by consulting your owners manual, it may be as simple as topping up your fluids or putting air in your tyres.

If you can’t get to the bottom of it, contact a mechanic who can give your vehicle a onceover and ensure it is safe on the road.



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