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Tips for preventing distracted driving

Distracted driving was recently added to the ‘fatal four’ most common causes of car accidents in Australia, bumping it to the ‘fatal five’. Although most distractions are avoidable, some distractions are impossible to prevent completely, which is why they need to be managed.

Here are some tips to help you drive more safely.

1) Avoid answering the phone when you’re driving

Because it is illegal to use your cell phone while driving in Australia, many people rely on the hands-free system to chat instead. While it’s not an offence, it’s still a dangerous practice. Drivers do not typically react as quickly as they think they can when they’re distracted. And when you’re on the phone with someone, especially if it’s an important phone call, it’s taking your attention away from the road and onto the conversation, which can slow your reaction time. This can seriously compromise your safety and that of your passengers.

2) Limit the level of activity in your car

While this should go without saying, it’s worth emphasising the importance of keeping the activity in your car to a minimum. Too many passengers can be hazardous — the distraction of talking to others or playing around with electronic devices is enough to make you miss a critical detail and cause an accident. This is particularly true for the novice or older drivers that have a harder time focusing when there is a lot of background noise.

3) Don’t eat while you drive

Being busy is not a justification for driving while distracted. While eating breakfast while on route to work or school may seem like a time-saving measure, it makes you less aware of the other cars on the road. Accidentally spilling your food is a major distraction, and you should do all you can to avoid being in this situation. If you know you’re prone to running late, wake up a few minutes earlier to have breakfast at home, or eat it when you’re at the office!

4) Always be prepared before you hit the road

Drivers can also limit their distractions by preparing before they hit the road. Whether you’re headed out for a quick trip or planning to hit the road for a few hours, always make sure you have everything ready before you take off. Put your phone away, load up the directions on your navigation and double check you’ve got everything you need. You’ll be so much more alert on your way to your destination!

5) If you drop something, leave it

It’s understandable that you want to pick up that pen or your wallet when you’re in a hurry, but driving without your eyes on the road is a recipe for disaster. If you drop something, it’s best to leave it and pick it up once you’ve safely stopped. Don’t be tempted to pick it up straight away as that takes your hands off the wheel, slowly down your reaction time.



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