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Tips for maintaining your cars air conditioning

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With the peak of Queensland’s summer in full force, it is timely to consider the air conditioning in our cars and ensure its performing optimally.

Air conditioners rely on several components to operate including the evaporator, condenser and compressor. Like all the other mechanical parts on your car they require regular check ups and maintenance to work properly.

One way to do ensure your air con is in peak condition? An air conditioning service!

The air conditioning system does more than keep your car cool; it removes hot air from the car and the cars engine, dispelling it outside of the car.

The regular servicing of your cars air conditioning will ensure it keeps you cool all year long, especially in summer and keeps your car running efficiently.

Whenever you have your car serviced you should ensure that the mechanic also checks your air con system as this isn’t always included in a standard log book service. This will include the refrigerant and gas levels, and top up or re-gas if necessary.

When should I get my air con serviced?

It is a good idea to perform an air conditioning service annually, preferably before the heat of summer kicks in!

When in-between services you should make sure that you run the air con system for at least 10 minutes or so every week to keep the hoses valves and pumps working well.

A qualified mechanic can perform an air conditioning service either at the time of your logbook service, or separately if you’re not sure it’s ever been looked at or suspect it might not be working at 100%. Your cars air conditioning is something you rely on daily so don’t forget to give it some TLC to make sure it keeps running efficiently, keeping you and your engine comfortable throughout the hot summer months!


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