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Things to consider before you buy an electric car

Every year more and more cars are being spotted on Australian roads. With a desire to be more environmentally friendly, it is no surprise that more people than ever before are considering the benefits of electric and hybrid options when making their new car decisions.

5 things to consider before you buy an electric car

1) Your daily driving distances

If your daily driving consists of 200km or more, then an electric car is probably not for you unless your final destination is a fast charger. An average electric car offers 120-160km of driving range and the capacities of the batteries also decrease over time. If your average daily distance is closer to the Australian average of 40kms a day, then an electric vehicle will be fine for your needs.

2) Used or new electric car

When purchasing a used electric car, all of the same rules still apply as if you were purchasing any second hand vehicle, plus more! Ensure you check the usual things such as tyres, finance, km’s as well as the car’s battery status, brake pads and licensing paperwork.

3) Battery condition and warranty

An electric car’s battery will naturally decrease slightly in power over the years, especially if you live in a hot climate, however they should still last the lifetime of the car. Electric car batteries generally have a separate warranty which covers battery problems that are deemed excessive so you needn’t worry too much about future problems but always ensure you check the cars data including battery health prior to making the purchase.

4) Charging locations and requirements

Check that the car you are going to purchase is compatible with public charging locations and make note of where these are! Some charging locations are for occasional use and require different plugs than your home charging port. If you’re having to commute a considerable way to and from work are there convenient charging locations at either end or is it going to quickly become an inconvenience?

5) The cost of a home charger

A home charger is necessary to ensure your electric vehicle is always ready to take on the road. These do come at an additional cost, which can vary depending on your car’s requirements so it’s important to take this into account and get it installed as soon as you know you’re getting your new vehicle.



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