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The 6 essential car fluids you should be checking regularly

Whilst it’s okay not to be technically inclined, all cars need some regular TLC. Regular maintenance goes a long in keeping your car’s value for as long as possible, and it’s the 6 essential car fluids that need the most attention. It doesn’t matter whether you only drive your car once a week or religiously every day, knowing how to check your engine’s levels is crucial in making sure it’s kept running just as it should. After all, who wants to pay an expensive repair bill, or run the risk of breaking down?

Not to worry though, we’ve got your back at Red Devil! Here are the essential car fluids you should check regularly:

1. Engine Oil

It may seem obvious, but the first car fluid you should be checking is the engine oil. It’s pretty simple to do too. Get yourself a little oil gauge or dipstick, which you can find at your local store, and check your car’s levels either when it’s cold or after it has been sat for a few hours. Aim for the ‘full’ mark, but don’t worry if it hasn’t completely hit the maximum mark – there are factors that can affect how much oil you need.

2. Transmission Fluid

If you want to maintain a smooth drive in your car, then you’re going to have to replace your transmission fluid at some point in time too. This is a fairly simple process, simply choose a day that’s nearly identical to the last time you filled up, and then check the transmission fluid level on your dipstick – make sure it reaches ‘full’ before driving! Otherwise, you might find yourself at the side of the road with an expensive repair bill staring back at you.

3. Brake Fluid

Your brakes are probably the most important part of your vehicle, so it’s only right that they should be checked regularly too. This process is just as simple as the oil level check though, so you can start this process whenever you feel like it! To check your brake fluid, simply reach for your dipstick before you take off – make sure it reaches ‘full’ before leaving the car!

4. Windscreen Washer Fluid

When you’re driving or parked somewhere, you want to have the reassurance that your windscreen is clean and clear of any water or dirt. It’s even better if it’s covered in rain repellent to stop the wipers from squeaking! That way you’ll be safe on the road – just remember to check your washer fluid too, which shouldn’t need replacing so often!

5. Coolant

Look, we might be a little biased here, but we can’t stress enough how important it is to check your coolant level. The coolant stops your engine from overheating, which is why it’s crucial to check your coolant regularly. Your coolant should be replaced every two years, but you can check the levels of it yourself to make sure it’s working properly. Checking your coolant’s level is very easy to do, as the coolant tank is usually translucent and has minimum and maximum markings on its side. You will be able to see when the fluid is running low so you can fill it up.

6. Power Steering Fluid

This is one of the most forgotten about car fluids in cars in general. Power steering fluid helps to reduce the effort needed to turn the wheels, so if you’re having trouble turning your wheel, then your power steering fluid might just need some topping up. It’s important that you check this car fluid regularly too, as it will let you know if your pump is failing or other issues are occurring with it.

Here you have it! To maintain your car in tip-top condition, check these fluids regularly in-between services.



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