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Should I get my car’s air conditioning serviced or re-gassed?

Often when a car’s air conditioning is performing poorly or the air con is blowing warm, the first solution to jump to is to get it re-gassed. However, a re-gas is only necessary when the system has lost refrigerant which signals a bigger issue at play! Therefore it’s important to get to the bottom of the reason why a re-gas is necessary to stop it recurring and ensure your air conditioning keeps your car cool for years to come!

What is an air con re-gas and why would I get one?

Generally, a re-gas will occur when the air conditioning system has had repairs carried out that include the replacement of major parts or any other work, such as fixing leaks, that could have allowed air from the atmosphere to enter the system.

When your car’s air con gets a re-gas, a highly specialised machine evacuates all oxygen and moisture, flushes and replaces the air conditioning system with new refrigerant without releasing any of the old or new refrigerant into the atmosphere.

What is an air con service and why would I get one?

Car manufacturers recommend an air conditioning service regularly to ensure the system is reliable and performing optimally. Air con services are not part of your log-book service schedule.

A car air con service consists of the following:

●      A visual inspection of the system including parts such as hoses, o-rings, drive belts and pulleys,

●      Checking for any cracks or leaks in any of the components of the system,

●      Checking the temperature of the condenser when the system is running.

Air con service or re-gas?

Generally as re-gas is the result of lost refrigerant we would recommend conducting an air con service to get to the bottom of this issue. During the service any repairs to the system required will be made and then the system will be re-gassed once everything is working well.

Whether your car’s air con is not working efficiently, you think it requires a re-gas or it is due for a service; contact us today!



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