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Regular car care…our top 5 maintenance tips.

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Regular car care is the most important thing you can do as a car owner.

Regardless of the car you drive or how often it is professionally looked over by a mechanic, there are a few preventative maintenance tips you should be aware of to keep your car safe on the road and reduce the risk of costly repairs!

1.    Service your car regularly

Servicing your car at regular intervals in line with your manufacturers recommendations will ensure it is running safely. 

A regular car service is the single most important vehicle maintenance tip. Mechanics will be able to pick up on issues long before they become apparent to you or are dangerous.

The cost of a service is a small price to pay in comparison to driving an unsafe vehicle.

2.    Check your tyres

Checking your tyre pressure and tread is extremely important but often overlooked in-between regular services. If your tyre pressure is too low or high it can be very dangerous to drive and also have a negative effect on the fuel economy of your car.

Tyre pressure should be checked monthly and definitely before any long drives. You can check your tyre pressure at any service station if you don’t have a pressure gauge handy.

There should be at least 3mm of tread left on your tyres (have a mechanic check if you aren’t sure). If under 3mm then your tyres need to be replaced.

3.    Check your oil

Engine oil is responsible for several purposes, which are imperative; cooling, lubricating and preventing corrosion inside the engine. Oil should be checked often to ensure it is not low or dirty and changed or topped up when it is.

Oil is always checked at service intervals but there is no harm checking before long drives too. Whilst you’re at it check the other fluids such as your coolant and wiper fluid!

4.    Replace your windscreen wipes

When your wipers start to create streaks or squeaks rather than clearing your windscreen of rain or dirt, it’s time to replace them! Wipers are easy to replace yourself and cheap – there is no need to wait until you physically can’t see through your windscreen.

5.    Try to keep your car out of the sun

It’s not just what’s under the hood of the car that needs to be looked after! Over time the sun can be very damaging to the interior of the car if not properly protected. Try to park out of the sun, under cover or in a garage or if you are parking outside then invest in a sunshade, which will offer some protection and also keep your car cooler.

Don’t ignore preventative maintenance. Knowing the basics keeps your car healthy and gives you chance to check any issues before they turn into dangerous and costly repair bills.

If you require vehicle maintenance or repairs, Red Devil Radiators can ensure your vehicle is running safely.


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