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Red Devil Radiators: Who we are and what we do

Red Devil Radiators has ensured that South-East Queensland motorists have kept cool and saved money on radiators and air conditioning services since first operation in 1987. With stores across South-East Queensland in Northgate, Lawnton, Slacks Creek, Archerfield and Nerang, Red Devil proudly is known and recognised as THE car cooling system authority.


Having a well-functioning cooling system is important for a car. It is designed to protect the engine from excessive heat. Something as simple and common as idling in peak hour traffic can cause your vehicle to overheat if the cooling system is not properly maintained. This is why what we do at Red Devil Radiators is so important. Our specialists offer a variety of services for you and your vehicle including repairing leaks and other damage, flushing out radiators, and fixing broken hoses or cracked belts. Our technicians are qualified and trained to assist you in your every need. They are experts at spotting and addressing potential problems, which may help prevent emergency repairs later. We look after every aspect of a vehicle cooling system at Red Devil and have equipment to handle nearly every size of radiator.

Air Conditioning

Another key aspect of our work at Red Devil is our air conditioning services. We have a team of trusted, reliable, and respected air conditioning specialists that can assist in detecting and fixing issues in your air conditioning system. These could be issues such as a blown fuse, a broken driver belt, a blockage in a valve, or a leakage in the system. Minor leakage in a car air conditioning system is common. However, if the level of leakage increases over time, then it may require intervention from a professional such as the Red Devil team. Additionally, many newer models have external filters in place to keep dust particles from reaching inside your vehicle. These can become clogged overtime, which can result in reduce airflow. If you live in a dusty place, make sure to get these cleaned at regular intervals to avoid confusing this problem with an issue such as a leak.

If you’re noticing that you’re having problems cooling your car, it could be indicative of these above problems. Contact the friendly team at Red Devil Radiators today to have your vehicle assessed by the radiator and cooling specialists.




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