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Maintenance tips to prevent your vehicle from overheating this Summer


The best preventative measure to stop your car overheating is to maintain it regularly.

High summer temperatures increase the risk of cars overheating. Although this is rare for newer vehicles, they are still at risk if the car hasn’t been maintained regularly and appropriately the extreme temperatures.

The hotter it gets the harder a car has to work. A car overheating is inconvenient, dangerous, and highly preventable by taking a few precautionary measures!

5 tips to stop your vehicle from overheating in the hot weather:

  1. Make sure your coolant is always topped up. One of the most common causes of cars overheating is a low level, or total lack of coolant. Your radiator should always be kept topped up with coolant, especially during the summer months. If you’re planning a long drive, it’s always a good idea to carry extra coolant as if your engine does start to overheat; topping up the coolant is likely to do the trick! However this should only be done when the engine is cool. If you are regularly topping up your coolant, you may want to have a mechanic check for leaks.
  2. Replace old coolant. Coolant does have a lifespan and if you haven’t replaced or had it topped up in a while you may want to have it flushed professionally by a mechanic. Old coolant can leave deposits in your radiator that make the coolant not work as effectively.
  3. Check your hoses and belts. Old brittle hoses and belts may not stand up to soaring summer temperatures. Inspect your hoses and belts for any cracks. If they’re not so supple or looking worse for wear it is time to have them replaced.
  4. Check your radiator. Check your radiator for any damage or blockages, and ensure the radiator cap is tight. This could all cause problems for the radiators performance and ability to regulate the temperature of the engine.
  5. If the temperature gage does start to creep up – turn off your air conditioning as this puts extra strain on the engine, and if you can, turn on the heating! Transferring the heat away from the engine could be the difference between your car overheating. If this doesn’t help, you should pull over and call a mechanic.

Red Devil Radiators specialise in all aspects of vehicle cooling system repairs.

Contact us today if you are having issues with your car overheating this summer or are concerned that your cooling system may not be in good working order!



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