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Is your vehicles heating / cooling system not running as it should?

A vehicle heating and cooling system is designed to keep all passengers in the vehicle comfortable.

A vehicle heating and cooling system runs secondary to the vehicles main cooling system and can require as much maintenance as your vehicles main cooling system, the radiator.

Signs there is an issue with your cars heating/cooling system:

Taking the time to maintain your cars heating and cooling system to ensure it is running effectively will make the time spent travelling in your car at lot more pleasurable, and extend the overall life of the vehicle.

There can be many reasons for a vehicles heating and/or cooling system not working effectively; a clogged exhaust or clogged ducts, leaking fluid, cracked hoses, to name a few.

Schedule an appointment if you think the heating or cooling system in your car may not be working optimally. What could be a seemingly harmless issue could quickly escalate into a severe mechanical problem!

Red Devil Radiators can ensure your engine and vehicles heating/cooling system is running smoothly and you are kept comfortable, whatever the weather!




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