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Is your vehicles AC blowing warm air?

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It’s the peak of summer, you get in the car, and suddenly your air con starts blowing warm air!

There is nothing more uncomfortable than your AC blowing warm air on a hot day, when you most need it to be keeping you cool!

We rely on our air conditioning much more than we tend to think. It’s second nature, we have it on all the time, so when it isn’t working or starts blowing hot air, everyone feels the heat regardless of the length of the journey!

Common causes for your AC blowing warm air:

  • Blocked cooling fans
  • Blocked filters
  • Blocked or broken condenser or compressor
  • Low or leaking coolant
  • Electrical faults

If your struggling to keep your car cool or notice a slow decline in your air conditionings cool airflow then a likely cause is a blockage, leak or problem with the compressor.

Blockages are a common cause of air con faults. If you live in a dusty place, your filters need to be cleaned at regular intervals. With time, these filters get clogged and reduce airflow meaning that your AC won’t work efficiently.

A slow minor leak of refrigerant can happen over time but if this leakage increases you should take your vehicle to an auto-mechanic such as Red Devil Radiators immediately.

Just because your air conditioner isn’t keeping things cool, doesn’t mean all hope is totally lost!

It may be a leak or blockage that can easily be addressed but until a specialist such as Red Devil has taken a look it can be hard to get to the bottom of the ‘heated’ situation.


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