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Is your radiator leaking?

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The radiator plays a key role in managing the temperature of your engine.

A radiator leak is likely to happen at one point or another especially if you’re car is clocking up the kilometres.

If a leak goes undetected for long, it will likely result in your engine overheating and vehicle completely breaking down.

Signs your radiator is leaking

Rapid drop in coolant levels

The coolant is what flows through your radiator absorbing excess heat from the engine. As your car operates your coolants level will gradually drop and you will need to add more. However if your coolant drops drastically it may be a sign of a leak.

Temperature gauge rising or vehicle overheating

If you notice your cars temperature gauge climbing or a temperature warning light comes on then you have a cooling system issue.

Noticeable leaks

If you have a puddle underneath your engine when your vehicle is parked then this signals a leak. A bright green slimly puddle is a sure fire sign of a leaking radiator. This fluid is toxic so it is best to clean the puddle as soon as possible to not cause any harm to humans or animals.

Worn hoses

Hoses that are connected to the radiator wear with time and can become loose at the clamps due to the vibrations from the engines. Combine worn out hoses with loose connections and a leak may be sprung. To avoid this you can examine your radiator connections and hoses regularly so any wear or leaking can be spotted sooner rather than later.

Radiator repairs can be costly! Knowing the signs that your radiator might be leaking could save you heaps of trouble down the track.

Keep cool and contact Red Devil Radiators if you suspect your radiator is leaking or want it looked over by a professional.


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