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Is your cars AC blowing too warm or too cold?

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There is nothing like cranking the cool air conditioning on a hot day!  

But what if your AC is blowing too cold, or too warm – yes there’s such a thing!

If you think your cars AC isn’t behaving as it usually does, you’re probably right…

Reasons why your AC might be too warm or too cold

A leak
If you have a leak in the AC system such as a refrigerant leak ten your cars AC will gradually lose its ability to regulate and stay cool. This leak could be causing your AC to blow warm since their isn’t enough refrigerant to cool things down.

Faulty compressor
Your AC’s compressor clutch is one of the most important part of your cars cooling system. Every time you use your air con, it subjects the compressor to wear and tear so it’s no surprise that eventually it can clunk out completely.

When there’s a problem with the compressor the air con won’t blow cool for long. If it is faulty, damaged or worn it won’t be able to pump out the cool air.

Failing valves
If your air con flits in-between hot and cold then your expansion valves could be failing. This valve is responsible for distributing the refrigerant into your evaporator. If that valve is faulty or blocked then the flow could be too restricted or unrestricted meaning that your air con will either be colder or warmer than desired and not able to regulate.

Fuses or electrics
Your cars cooling system is made up of electrics. If one fuse, wire, switch or relay fails then the whole system shuts down for safety reasons and your air conditioning won’t work.

We can diagnose your cars air conditioning problem!

Contact our qualified mechanics today to get to the bottom of your AC problem. We’ll have you keeping cool, or warm, in no time!


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