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Is your car overheating? 3 signs you should get your radiator checked

The radiator is essential to your car’s cooling system, when something is wrong like your car overheating, you want to rectify it straight away!

Knowing the most common signs leading to your car overheating means you can get the vehicle to a mechanic straight away and reduce the risk of further engine damage.

3 signs your radiator needs to get checked

Engine overheating
The most common sign of an issue with your radiator is when the engine starts to overheat. The usual fault of this is a dodgy thermostat. When the thermostat no longer opens the engine will overheat and the end result will be a broken down car. This can be especially noticeable in summer when the car is already working overtime to keep your engine cool in the stinking hot summer temps!

Leaking coolant
If you notice a red, yellow or green fluid leaking under your car then you may have a radiator leak. When the radiator is leaking the coolant level becomes too low to reduce the heat in the engine. This then causes the plastic components of the radiator to crack, leaking coolant. Eventually and if you don’t act fast, this will lead to the engine overheating. The cost of fixing the leak is far cheaper than fixing the radiator, so if you suspect a leak – get it looked at straight away!

Heater not working
If you notice your heater not working as it should it could be a sign that your radiator is either leaking or clogged. Either way this is trouble for your engine’s ability to keep cool! As your heater relies on the hot coolant passing through the engine, when there is a coolant leak, this isn’t able to happen.

If your car is overheating and you suspect your radiator is on the brink of death, due to experiencing any of the above symptoms or if anything else seems off, bring it in to Red Devil for a check!





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