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How to prevent your car engine from overheating

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Your car engine overheating is a hot problem!

Fortunately, taking a few preventative measures and keeping a close eye on your car can largely avoid this!

Overheating prevention tips

Check your engine coolant

The most common cause of engines overheating is old, low or no coolant. Coolant in your radiator is imperative for keeping your engine cool.

If your coolant is old it may be leaving deposits in your radiator, causing it not to work effectively. Replacing your coolant regularly will help with keeping your engine cool.

Keep you services up to date

Servicing your car in line with your manufacturers servicing schedule is imperative in keeping your engine healthy. A mechanic will check over all of your cars mechanical components to ensure they’re working optimally.

Don’t overstrain your cars air con system

It’s tempting to crank the air con up to full on a hot day and leave it pumping until the car is icy cold, but this can put serious strain on your cars cooling system. An effective air con system won’t take long to cool the car down, try cracking the windows when you first get in the car to let the hot air out as the air con starts to do it’s thing. The car will be cool in no time.

Don’t ignore the temperature gauge

When your cars temperature gauge starts rising above normal levels or reads HOT, it is important to pull over when safe and stop driving the car ASAP. The longer you keep driving the more damage you will do to the engine.

Continuing to run the car when the engine is running hot is a sure fire way to sentence your engine to death!

If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of your car overheating, pull over as soon as it is safe to do so and call a mechanic or roadside assist!


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