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How often should I service my vehicles Air Conditioning

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Your cars air conditioner is one of the things you don’t appreciate enough until it’s suddenly blasting hot air rather than cold!

Avoid any air conditioning issues by regularly servicing your cars air conditioning system!

How often you should service your cars air con depends on how much you use it and what issues you might be experiencing.

When you should service your cars air con

  • When you are experiencing issues with it or question if its cold enough. If you are beginning to think that your air con isn’t as cold as it once was, you’re probably not imagining things. Once this happens its time to take it in for an inspection.
  • When you think there’s a problem. If you notice that it doesn’t sound right, smell right or feel right then you need to have it inspected.
  • If it is taking a long time to cool the car down. Sometimes this happens because it’s extremely hot outside so it naturally takes longer to cool the car, however if you notice this whatever the weather then it is a sign of a problem.

As a general rule of thumb you should have it serviced annually – throughout the cooler months before the warm weather arrives is always a good idea, so you don’t have any nasty surprises when the temperature starts cranking up outside and you want to cool your car down!

This can be done at the same time you have your logbook service, or as a standalone service if you are experiencing any of the issues we have mentioned. An air con service will check all of the pipes and components of the unit and whether it needs re-gassing.

Whether it needs a re-gas or a part replaced keeping your air conditioner working in tiptop condition is essential.

At Red Devil Radiators our fully qualified are conditioning mechanics can give your air con system a once over and help you out with any issues, repairs or maintenance.


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