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How often should I regas my cars Air Con?

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One of the essentials of driving a car in Queensland is having A/C that works well and keeps you cool. 

Over time you may find that your air con doesn’t get as cold as it once did. If you notice the air feeling stuffy or warm, even when the air conditioning is cranking, this could be the sign that your air conditioning unit needs some maintenance.

Even though maintaining your air conditioning isn’t a difficult or expensive task, it is often one that is overlooked until it’s noticeably not working.

Like the rest of your cars mechanical units, your air conditioner needs regular maintenance for it to continue to work effectively and efficiently.

If your air con isn’t getting icy cold it’s a sign that your system needs re-gassing.

What does re-gassing my air con mean?

Re-gassing involves removing the old refrigerant gas and replacing with a new one.

How often should my air con be re-gassed?

Most vehicle manufacturers suggest that you should service your air conditioning system every 1-2 years and an element of this service is re-gassing.

In saying this it’s not unusual for your air conditioning unit to go 5+ years without needing to re-gas; however this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check it every couple of years and at the same time as the rest of your vehicle is having a once over, as it will loose gas loss each year and you don’t want to wait until it can’t keep you cool to fix.

Treat your air con as you would the rest of your car and maintain it regularly.

Don’t put off your air con system check, regular maintenance will help you avoid problems in future and keep you icy cool during the hot summer months.


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