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How much does a new radiator cost?

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If your car is overheating, leaking fluid, making a hissing sound after driving, or has steam coming from the bonnet – you likely need a new radiator.

If you are overdue fluid changes or a service then problems with the vehicles cooling can also occur.

Your car radiator is critical to the day to day functioning of your vehicle. It provides the tools to remove heat from the coolant that has passed through the engine, before it makes its way back through the engine, keeping the engine cool!

How much will a replacement cost me?

The costs vary and depending on the type of vehicle and can be anywhere from $350 – $1000+ to replace.

How is the radiator replaced?

  • Firstly, a qualified mechanic inspects the radiator for leaks
  • If a replacement is required the coolant will be drained
  • The fans and hoses will be removed
  • The old radiator will be removed
  • Debris will be removed from the vehicle by flushing it
  • The new radiator will be installed and the fans and hoses refitted
  • Coolant will be added and the system will be bled to remove any air in it
  • Once the new system is installed it will be tested

It is imperative that if you suspect your car radiator is malfunctioning or failing then you need to seek the advice of a mechanic ASAP. Replacement costs are far less than engine repair; which will happen if the vehicle continues to overheat, not to mention leaving it to this point could be extremely dangerous!

Regularly servicing your vehicle in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations (even when it is no longer under warranty) is the best way to prevent any issues occurring. Prevention is better than cure and when issues are found early they are easier and cheaper to repair.


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