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How long should a radiator last

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At an absolute minimum your cars radiator should last at least 3 years, however when well maintained there should be no need to replace your radiator for 8-10 years, or even the lifetime of your vehicle!

Why might my radiator fail sooner?

There are some scenarios where you might find your vehicles cooling system unable to keep its cool:

  • If you have upgraded your car engine to produce more power then you will need to upgrade your radiator. More powerful engines give out more heat and your standard radiator may not be able to handle this heat.
  • The radiator relies on several elements to work effectively, such as hoses and coolant. If those hoses cracks or split, allowing coolant to escape from the system, it can’t circulate through the cars cooling system which means the radiator can be damaged due to the excess heat.
  • A build up in the radiator.  Radiators, pipes and hoses can get a build

How to prolong the life of your cooling system

A well maintained cooling system could extend the life of your cars radiator significantly. There are some simple steps you can incorporate into your cars maintenance to keep the cooling system in tiptop condition:

  • Regular servicing of your cars radiator will ensure that hoses, coolant and other parts of the cooling system are working effectively and if any appear not to be then these elements can be replaced promptly, reducing the chance of damage.
  • Check your coolant levels regularly! This will ensure you notice any leaks or loss of coolant, rather than finding out when it’s too late and the damage has been done.

At the very minimum your vehicles cooling system should be checked as part of your regular service schedule but if you have been travelling a lot of long distances or your car is running hot it doesn’t hurt to have it checked outside of your normal service schedule.

A service from a specialist such as Red Devil Radiators will keep your radiator system cool and in good condition.


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