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How to check coolant levels in your vehicles radiator


Your vehicles radiator is the core of your cars cooling system.

Coolant is responsible for cooling your engine and without it your car would swiftly overheat.

Maintaining your vehicle radiator fluid level is vital to its longevity – what only takes 5 minutes can extend your cars lifetime by years! Usually this only needs to be topped up twice a year, before summer and before winter, but it should still be checked regularly, especially before long drives.

Signs it might be running low:

  • Your temperature gage is running hot
  • The warning light comes on (this is generally a thermometer or box with wavy lines next to or in it)
  • The heater isn’t working properly
  • A sweet smell – this is common when coolant is running low

Steps to check to ensure it is suitably topped up:

  • Only check fluids when the vehicle is cool – attempting to check when the engine is hot is extremely dangerous
  • Refer to your owner’s manual for the type of coolant suitable for your vehicle, and know the difference between ready made and coolant that needs to be mixed

Once this is established you can check the levels and top up if necessary by:

  • Locating your vehicles coolant; this is usually next to the radiator.
  • Check the markings on the reservoir – this should be up to the ‘full’ line, or extremely close.
  • Pour in up to the ‘full’ level
  • Keep an eye on your coolant level over the coming weeks to check for any suspect leaks!

Knowing the warning signs of low coolant could save you costly repairs to your vehicles radiator in the future.

If you suspect a leak or aren’t confident in doing the top up yourself, seek the assistance of a professional such as Red Devil Radiators.



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