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How can you tell if you need a new Radiator?

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With regular maintenance your vehicles radiator should last at least 8 years.

Your radiator is an imperative component of your cars engine, working to remove heat and keep it cool.

A failing radiator means a failing vehicle, serious damage and costly repairs!

Typical signs that you need a radiator inspection and possible replacement include:

  • The engine overheating. Is your temperature gauge running hot? This signals that your engine is overheating, which will be due to an issue with your radiators ability to keep it cool. Head to a mechanic straight away as the radiator may or may not be at the point where it has completely failed. If you don’t address an overheating engine then the vehicle will inevitably break down
  • Leaking coolant. If your coolant keeps running low or you notice it leaking then you may have a leak on your hands and this will need fixing in order for your radiator to work. Checking your coolant levels regularly and in-between services will ensure that you spot any leaks before they do significant damage.
  • Discolored coolant. Coolant should be yellow green or red.  A failing radiator may have contaminated coolant making it a dark rust or black sludge. This will likely require a radiator replacement as it can cause extensive engine damage.

Your radiator being in tiptop condition is imperative to the working order of your engine and safety of your vehicle.

If you notice any of these signs, your radiator is likely on the brink of breakdown and you should seek the advice of a mechanic as soon as possible.


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