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Get Your Car Ready for Summer

Summer is upon us and whilst you might be ready to greet the heat, is your car? Your vehicle is invaluable in getting you from A-B in the scorching summer sun, so why not give it a helping hand to cope with the toll that the hot weather takes on it? Read on as we reveal our top tips for getting your car ready for summer.

Check the A/C system

It’s always the A/C system that gets forgotten! But this shouldn’t be taken lightly. Refreshing your vehicle’s system is important to avoid that uncomfortable feeling, especially if you’re planning to be travelling, and in the summer more than ever!

It is highly recommended to have your car AC system checked before the temperatures reach their peaks. AC maintenance will include a cleaning of the filters, fixing of any leaks and gas refilling, if necessary. Be sure to book an appointment at your local Red Devil Radiators so our expert team can help keep you cool all summer long.

Check Coolant Levels

A common cause for cars breaking down during the summer is overheating. Take a look at the coolant in the reservoir, checking both the level and its condition. You want clear, not cloudy.

It is important to check your coolant levels regularly. If you are doing this on your own, remember to never remove the radiator cap until the engine is completely cooled off.

Check your tires

Another big thing is tires. Hot roads are hard on tires, which is why you see so much loose rubber on our highways. Tires are held together by glue and we all know what happens when glue gets overheated. Make sure you have the proper amount of tread and if you do, make sure you have the proper air pressure. Remember too, you can’t tell by looking if a tire is low, get yourself a gauge or go to your local service station to get the air topped up.

Do a full under-the-hood inspection

You probably haven’t cracked open the hood all winter, and who can blame you? But now that the weather is warm enough to spend an afternoon outside, it’s time to give the car a quick inspection. Make sure the engine is cold before doing so. Some things you need to check include all your car fluids including your engine oil, coolant and brake fluid. Don’t forget to inspect your battery too, and check for corrosion on the battery terminals that can build up over time.

Renew your windshield wipers

Greater visibility equals greater safety and less stress, and wiper blades are cheap insurance. If you have not done so in the past year, go ahead and replace those windscreen wiper blades. The hot sun will deteriorate the wiper blades as they are made of rubber. This can be a real safety issue when those summer storms pop up, putting your safety at risk. Most people can do this themselves, so if you’re looking to save money, then don’t be afraid to DIY.

Get your car ready for summer with all of these simple maintenance tips. You’ll be able to enjoy summer in the proper manner and avoid unwanted repairs!


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