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Common radiator problems

Are you having problems with your car and you suspect it might be something to do with the radiator? Below we have listed four common radiator problems so you can try to figure out what is going wrong and whether you need to enlist the services of a professional.

1. Low coolant – If your coolant is getting very low in the radiator you need to look at the thermostat as well. This could be due to the radiator being clogged with rust or other corrosion, or a build-up of sludge within the engine block which is preventing coolant from circulating properly. Think of it like an airlock – unless you can get rid of this problem, your car will struggle to keep its cool and will overheat.

2. Low pressure – If your coolant is low but the radiator is full of coolant, this could mean one of two things. If there are any leaks around your radiator, low pressure can often be caused by air entering the system and reducing the pump’s ability to push coolant around. On the other hand, if there is air in the radiator from a leak but no coolant, it means that there is a blockage in your cooling system stopping coolant from being pushed through.

3. Coolant leaks – If you have seen any leaks at the top of your radiator, this is a sign of a faulty pressure cap. The cap needs to seal well enough to be airtight and strong, so if it’s become weak or old at all then coolant may start to leak through. Leaking from the bottom or sides is often due to damaged pipes or hoses.

4. Cooling system failure – If your engine is overheating, you need to find the source quickly and fix it before serious damage can happen. The cooling system should be able to cope with the extra temperature without any problems, so if everything is working properly, it will be clear why you’re having overheating problems. However, there could be a problem within the pump itself – a bad pump can cause overheating by not being able to push enough coolant around and not circulating coolant regularly enough.

If you have common radiator problems you just can’t fix, drop into a Red Devil Radiators workshop near you. Visit our website to find your nearest workshop!



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