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Buying a new vehicle? 6 upgrades that are worth splashing the cash on.

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Congratulations! You have decided to purchase a new vehicle!

Maybe you need more space to accommodate a growing family; your car has clunked out on you or maybe you just want to treat yourself!

Whatever the reason, a new car is an expensive investment and you want to make the right decision.

As well as the usual considerations such as make, model, colour, size, number of seats, fuel economy; there are some snazzy upgrades available on many new models of cars that have been designed with you in mind and are worth splashing the cash on.

Our top picks for the ultimate upgrades:

  1. Tinted windows. When you purchase a new vehicle you are always offered aftermarket extras. One of these extras in window tinting. Whether you decide to add it on at the time or purchase, or shortly after – it is one upgrade that you absolutely must get – especially in the harsh Queensland climate! Not only will it protect you from sunburn when driving, it will a also help protect your cars interior from the sun as well as keep your car cooler in the hot weather meaning you don’t have to crank the air con as hard.
  2. Reversing camera. Reversing cameras are a must for safety; for those around you (especially small children who may run behind the car unnoticed) and for your car itself when trying to reverse it into those small spaces – you’ll significantly reduce the risk of banging your rear bumpers!
  3. Automatic boot. Shopaholic and mums a-like, this will be one upgrade you don’t want to miss! With an automatic boot you’ll no longer need to find a spare hand when your hands are full. Many cars now have a motion sensor, which unlocks the boot when the key was within 1m.
  4. Built in GPS. This adds convenience and safety. Often people reach for their phone to find directions, but with built in GPS you can be completely hands free. It also tells you the speed limits on roads so that you don’t run the risk of speeding either.
  5. Leather interior. Leather is low maintenance and easy to clean. If you have muddy paws or messy children regularly in the car – leather handles tough situations well and is much easier to keep clean than fabric upholstery.
  6. Climate control. Too cold, not too warm and then too cold again? You’re not alone if you find yourself flicking the air con up and down in temperature throughout your journey. With climate control your car will self regulate and keep the air at the temperature you set it meaning your kept comfortable your whole trip!

When considering your new car, you want to be safe and comfortable and including some of these upgrades will ensure that!


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