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5 signs you need a new radiator

Your cars radiator works to keep coolant pumping through the engine is integral to keeping your engine cool and not overheating. If the engine overheats it can lead to seals and gaskets breaking, engine oil leaks and complete engine failure. If you spot any warning signs of yours is on its last legs, then you should seek the advice of a mechanic straight away to avoid more costly damage, it may be time to have a new radiator fitted.

Signs you need a new radiator

1. Your temperature gauge is running hot.

If the needle on your temperature gauge is constantly running at the hotter end then there could be an issue. This indicates that the cooling system isn’t functioning well and the coolant isn’t able to get to where it needs to, to keep your engine cool.

2.    Your car is overheating.

The next step to your temperature gauge running hot is your engine actually overheating. This one you won’t be able to miss, as steam will be billowing out from under the bonnet of your car.

3.    Leaking or low coolant.

It’s important to regularly check the coolant levels of your car to ensure it’s at the right level, if your coolant is running low often, or you spot a visible leak then this will quickly lead to issues.

4.    Radiator discolouration or sludge.

This will require you looking in your radiator. The coolant inside should be translucent and yellow green or red in colour. If the coolant is contaminated it will look like rust or oil with a sludge like consistency.

5.    Car heating issues

Ironically if you have an issue with your cooling system you will likely notice your cars heating not working optimally. A failing cooling system won’t circulate coolant properly and will decrease the amount of heat you will get in the car.

What to do if you suspect your overheating

Issues often aren’t expensive to fix if you act quickly before the damage gets too extensive. If you spot any signs of your car overheating it’s important to make an appointment with a mechanic straight away as it may be time to have a new radiator fitted.





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