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3 signs your vehicle needs a new radiator

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Your vehicles radiator keeps your cars engine cool and running safely. If you spot any signs that indicate your radiator is on the brink of breaking down then you need to get it checked by a qualified mechanic ASAP as eventually it will break down.

Fortunately, rarely will you have to say RIP to your radiator without their being some obvious warning signs.

3 signs your vehicle needs a new radiator

  1. Is your vehicle overheating?
  2. Is your fan extremely noisy?
  3. Is your car leaking coolant?

1.     Engine overheating

If your temperature gauge is running higher than usual or creeping up even when the engine is idle (at traffic lights for example) then there could be an issue with your radiator. Your temperature gauge should sit comfortably around the middle of the gauge, if you notice it continuously hotter then you should seek the advice of a mechanic.

2.     Fan noise

If your fan is sounding funky and making a racket it is a sign that it is having to work overtime. This can be expected for a few minutes here and there on extremely hot days when you start the car up but if the fan is continuously running loud then this is a sure fire sign of an issue.

3.     Coolant leaking

Liquid pooling under your car can be sign of a leak. If you notice liquid under your vehicle, dab it with a paper towel to see what colour it is. If it’s green then it is your coolant and signals a leak, which will be wreaking havoc on your engine, as it will be struggling to keep cool!

If you notice any of these signs – take your car to a qualified mechanic ASAP to reduce the risk of costly repairs, or a total breakdown!

A timely repair will save you stress and money, and reduce the risk of further damage to your engine!


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