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3 Signs your radiator is leaking

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If your car is clocking up the kilometres it won’t be a surprise is one day the radiator starts to go bust.

Knowing the signs of a radiator leak could save you a lot of money and keep you safe. A radiator leak can lead to an overheating engine, which is a mechanical disaster!

Signs your radiator is leaking 

  • A puddle of liquid on the floor.

If you notice liquid pooling under your parked vehicle then this is a sign of a leak. Using a white paper towel or cloth, dip it into the liquid, if it’s of a green ting then this is your coolant.

  • Rapid drop in coolant levels.

As your radiator starts to fail, it struggles to keep your engine cool and thus more coolant is pushed through the engine, as it has to work harder to keep cool. If you haven’t yet noticed the liquid leaking onto the floor but have noticed your coolant levels dropping faster than usual then a leak is likely at the bottom of the problem.

  • Engine overheating.

If you notice your cars temperature gauge rising or your temperature warning light comes on then this is a strong signal of a cooling system issue and your cars ability to self regulate its temperature is failing.

Radiator repairs can be costly and issues with the radiator are something you want to nip in the bud, if not completely avoid!

If you suspect your radiator may be leaking, contact a qualified mechanic such as Red Devil Radiators who will be able to save you a lot of costly trouble down the track!


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