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3 Signs of a failing radiator

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The car radiator has an extremely important job – to keep your engine cool.

By making sure as much air as possible is drawn across your engines radiator your car can regulate a safe and stable temperature regardless of the temperature outside, how fast you are driving or how long you are driving for.

When the radiator fails it is important to address it quickly to avoid damage to your vehicles engine.

3 signs of a failing radiator:

  • Vehicle overheating

If you notice your temperature gauge creeping up when sitting in traffic or moving very slowly then this is a strong signal that your radiator isn’t working properly. It may not be at a point of total failure so it is important to get to a mechanic and stop driving as quickly as possible or else the car will continue to overheat and eventually break down. Turn your fans onto heat and blast air out as this will help remove the hot air from the engine.

  • A noisy fan

If you hear a constant loud fan noise coming from under the hood when the engine is running then this is a sign your radiator is in trouble. The fan should not be spinning continuously at such a speed that you can hear it.

  • Leaking coolant

If you notice coolant leaking from under your vehicle this is a clear indication there is an issue with your radiator. Coolant will only leak if one of the radiators connections is damaged. If you spot liquid leaking from your vehicle, blot it with a paper towel – coolant will have a green tinge to it.

Your cars cooling system is one of its most important components and it should be a maintenance priority.

If your radiator isn’t working properly then your car will have all sorts of issues, which will eventually result in engine damage or failure, which can be dangerous and expensive!

Regularly servicing your vehicle in line with your manufacturers service schedule should ensure that it is in good working order but if you spot any of these signs it is important to get to a mechanic immediately before it does some serious damage to your engine!

Thankfully it is unlikely that your radiator will completely fail without a few warning signs. If you experience one or more signs of your radiator failing above, pull over safely and turn off the vehicle. Have Red Devil inspect your vehicle as soon as possible.


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