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3 reasons why your vehicle might be leaking fluids

If you’ve noticed a mystery puddle of leaking fluid underneath your car, it can be a worrying sight!

Not all leaks are cause for concern but many can be so it’s important to know what you’re looking at when it comes to leaking fluid. Find out how to identify what is the cause of the leak, if this is cause for concern and what to do about it. Firstly, if not obvious, use a piece of white tissue or paper to check the colour of the leaking fluid.

3 reasons your car may be leaking

  1. Blue liquid? Your coolant is leaking. Coolant leaking from your radiator puts your car at risk of overheating, so it is something that needs to be addressed quickly. Although coolant can leak from one of the many hoses around the engine, the most common root of the leak is your radiator. The cause of the leaking coolant can be tricky to fix yourself, especially if it’s a cracked reservoir so you’ll need to take it to the garage to inspect properly.
  2. Brown fluid? Your engine is leaking oil. Oil leaks can come from a range of sources in your engine, from gaskets to seals and you’ll need a mechanic to determine what’s happening and ensure it’s fixed. If your oil leaks to a point where it is extremely low, it will do your engine serious damage. Check your oil levels and if they’re low, do not drive! Call your local mechanic who will advise you on what to do. If you check your oil levels and they’re not low but you still suspect your car is leaking oil, take it into the garage ASAP so a mechanic can check it out.
  3. Water leaking from your car? It’s actually very common for your car to leak water, especially when using the air con often. The air con removes moisture and drains under the car via a hose – so if you notice your car leaving water puddles, this is usually not a cause for concern!
When you spot a leak, always check the colour to determine if it’s something you should be worried about. Generally, any fluid that isn’t water will mean your car will need to be given a once-over by a qualified mechanic to ensure you’re safe on the road. Don’t ignore fluid leaks! The inconvenient trip and cost to the mechanic to get your leak fixed will save you a lot of time, stress, and money in the long run.    

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