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Red Devil Radiator Service

A car’s cooling system is designed to protect the engine from the damaging forces of excessive heat. If the cooling system is not in good repair, simple tasks such as sitting idle in peak hour traffic can cause a vehicle to overheat.

Red Devil’s radiator and cooling system specialists offer a variety of services, including flushing out of radiators and cooling systems, repairing leaks and other damage including fixing broken hoses or cracked or broken belts.

Red Devil trained and qualified technicians can check for corrosion and debris and often may spot and address potential problems, helping to prevent emergency car repairs down the road.

Red Devil technicians look after every aspect of cooling system repairs. We have experience in replacing almost any type of vehicle’s radiator including commercial, industrial, foreign and domestic. Red Devil has the equipment to handle nearly every size of radiator.

Red Devil radiators come complete with a warranty, and when all repairs and installations are complete, Red Devil technicians perform a final quality check to ensure that the entire radiator is completely sealed.

Red Devil has literally hundreds of customers who have enjoyed significant cost savings by repairing their existing radiators instead of buying new replacements. We will assist you in making the right choice when making the decision to repair or replace.

Red Devil offers a range of services apart from radiator repairs and replacement; we also have trained professionals to complete all car Air Conditioning and heater exchanger repairs.

When you want the job done right, call Red Devil.

Ask for an appointment to get an absolutely free, no obligation inspection of your vehicle's air conditioning and heating system using state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment.

The seven-point Red Devil Checking program is designed to identify any areas that need attention.

  • A radiator pressure cap test to check for the recommended system pressure level
  • A thermostat check for proper opening and closing
  • A pressure test to identify any external leaks to the cooling system parts; including the radiator, water pump, engine coolant passages, radiator and heater hoses and heater core
  • An internal leak test to check for leakage into the cooling system
  • A visual inspection of all cooling system components, including belts and hoses
  • A system power flush and refill with car manufacturer's recommended concentration of coolant, and,
  • An engine fan test for proper operation

By performing regular checks, Red Devil specialists can help you, and your vehicle prevent problems, emergency repairs and/or replacements, effectively saving the consumer time, trouble and money.


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