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Why is Red Devil the Most Trusted, Respected, and Reliable Car Air Conditioning Specialist?

IT'S SIMPLE. Because Red Devil’s trained technicians are the very best and they take care to ensure you are cool and comfortable whenever you are driving.

Cool drivers are safer drivers. Most of us take the air conditioning in our cars for granted. We don’t give it much thought during our daily driving. For most of us, the only time we really seem to think about it is when it is not working.

Air conditioning units in cars should be maintained properly, and especially in Queensland where we get a lot of sunshine and heat. A car without a proper air conditioning unit is nothing less than a solar heater.

There can be various reasons behind a car’s air conditioning problems. If there is absolutely no cold air emanating from the Air conditioning unit, then it may have one of these problems:

  • The fuse may be blown.
  • The Driver belt may be broken.
  • There can be a blockage in the expansion valve, receiver driver or refrigerant line.
  • Fault or leakage in the evaporator, condensor, or compressor

Spot The Problem

If you are having the problem of poor cooling in your car, then there might be a slow leak or blockage in the system that needs to be checked, and fixed as soon as possible.

A low refrigerant charge, or a slipping air conditioning unit compressor clutch can also decrease the performance of the Air conditioning cool factor in your car.

Minor leaks of refrigerant in some car air conditioners happen but if the leakage increases over time, then see a Red Devil specialist immediately. Many of the newer models have external filters to keep the dust particles from reaching inside the car. But with time, these filters can also get clogged and reduce the airflow. Make sure that you clean these filters at regular intervals, especially if you live in a dusty place.

If you experience a musty smell in the car than it is possible that mould is blocking the filter and evaporator of the Air conditioner.

In such cases, the air might be cold but not cool enough and there may be a strange moist smell inside the car.

Bring the vehicle in to Red Devil immediately, if you suspect any mould or fungal infestation in your car air conditioning unit.

Did you know that without regular maintenance an air conditioner can lose approx.5% of its original efficiency per year? This means that without proper maintenance, your air conditioning unit may be performing as poorly as other models that are years older!

There is good news: you can still recover most of that lost efficiency. Schedule an appointment with one of the Red Devil air conditioning professionals.

Today's car air conditioning systems are fairly complex, and new improvements are always being initiated. This is why you need to turn to Red Devil, the qualified source for everything related to your air conditioning system.


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